Windsor and Eton brewery win top awards at Indie Can Beer Festival

25th May 2016

The Windsor and Eton Brewery has been awarded first prize at the Indie Beer Can Festival in London. 

The beer 'Uprising Treason' won the Best in Show, Best Ale and best New to Can categories. 

Kieran Johnson, production manager at the Windsor and Eton Brewery, said: “Going to the ceremony, I knew there were other beers competing that I loved and enjoyed so I wouldn’t have thought in a month of Sundays that we would win. It’s been a real, but brilliant shock.

“I am personally very influenced by the US market. It has spent the last ten years showing the world market that the can is the way forward and I’m so glad that the UK is now following suit. I truly believe that the can is the best format to preserve the integrity of the beer and make any beer look awesome.”

This competition marked the second year of the Indie Beer Can Festival, which is run by Can Makers, in partnership with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA).

Tony Jerome, SIBA communications and marketing director, said: “Congratulations to Windsor and Eton brewery for their well-deserved win in the Indie Beer Can Festival competition 2016. The demand for independently brewed craft beer continues to grow and cans are becoming an important part of this exciting and diverse industry. I look forward to trying more fantastic canned beers from all of the competing breweries and the hundreds of SIBA member breweries across the UK in 2016."

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