Time for bars to start planning for Cask Ale Week

24th August 2016

Cask Ale Week is a 10-day celebration of Britain’s national drink which is taking place from September 22 - October 2.  For all breweries that produce cask - and all bars that sell it - it presents a great opportunity, so get planning now. 

Cask Marque director and industry expert, Paul Nunny, explains: “Cask ale drinkers are twice as likely to go the pub as other drinkers – and spend almost double what others spend there over the course of the year.

"So clearly keeping your cask-ale drinking customers loyal and attracting in new ones makes absolute sense! If nothing else persuades you to get involved with Cask Ale Week, these facts most certainly should.

“There’s no charge to join in. Cask Marque provides the platform for pubs and breweries to organise events and activities under the Cask Ale week banner. All we ask is that you use the Cask Ale Week logo and inform us of your plans via the Cask Ale Week website.”

The Cask Report 2015/16 revealed that a massive 80% of drinkers would like to go to beer tastings and 65% to beer festivals during Cask Ale Week.  

“The great thing about Cask Ale Week is that it’s flexible,” adds Paul.  “Licensees and brewers can use it in the way that best suits their businesses.  

“It’s not rocket science to organise a beer tasting, open the brewery, or put on a promotion - but it does have a really positive impact on sales and reputation. It’s up to everyone in the trade who has a vested interest in cask ale to step up to the mark and make sure we’re giving pub goers what they want.”

So if your business in any way relies on cask ale, make the most of Cask Ale Week:  September 22 - October 2.

Ten reasons for pubs and breweries to get involved: 

·     Promote beer in general and their beers in particular

·     Reward loyal drinkers

·     Introduce new drinkers to cask

·     Get more people into the pub

·    Get customers to visit more often (65% of drinkers say they visit the pub more often during Cask Ale Week)

·     Be a part the craft revolution (most cask ale is craft beer!)

·     It’s free, easy to register and there are no rules

·     Show appreciation for their local community

·     Build reputation as cask hero

·     Sell more cask beer!

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