The Curators jerky brand aiming for perfect beer pairings

9th October 2018

British jerky brand The Curators has teamed up with craft brewer Meantime to pair each of its four editions, Sweet Sriracha (pictured), Teriyaki Spice, Sweet & Smoky and Espresso Kick with a variety of beer styles.

Each one can be paired each variety of different beers, which the brand showcased when sampling at leading craft beer events in 2018, including the London Craft Beer Festival.

“A craft movement has taken the British beer and cider market to new highs over the past five years and The Curators has brought the same passion, innovation and obsession with flavour to revolutionise the humble meat snack,” said Max Rees, co-founder of The Curators.

“The Curators is designed to partner perfectly with craft lagers, IPAs and stouts and we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response to our jerky from craft bars and pubs. The range is now stocked in some incredible venues and we’ve been collaborating with Meantime Brewing Company to create beer and jerky pairings like no other.”

Madeleine Blackall, Marketing Manager at Meantime Brewing Company, added: “We love what The Curators are doing to shake up the meat snacks category with a dedication to flavour and craft that matches our brand. Their range looks great behind our bar, and the beer pairings we have developed together have helped create an awesome experience for our customers.

The range is now available at over 50 sites, including Meantime’s The Tasting Rooms in London.

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