Stella Artois trials 'Beer and Bites' initiative

11th May 2018

Premium beer brand Stella Artois is trialling a new food pairing initiative, Beer and Bites, across 50 key UK pubs and bars.

From now until the end of May, the blonde pilsner from AB InBev will offer a serving of succulent Halkidiki olives with every Stella Artois purchased, providing a sophisticated, continental experience that pays homage to the lager's Belgian heritage.

The new initiative aims to improve the standard of beer service across the UK, whilst encouraging pub and bar goers to stay a little longer and savour their experience. Stella Artois is not only synonymous with quality, and a distinct pouring ritual that guarantees a premium serve, but it also has an affiliation with food.

According to research, Stella Artois drinkers over-index on meal-led occasions versus average premium lager drinkers, and spend more during these meals.

The pub and bar sector is seeing a new generation of consumers who are seeking out high-quality experiences, and in line with this are searching for venues that offer both premium food and drink. Recent data reveals that 74% of consumers are looking for both food and drink-led experiences, whilst 15% are seeking out food-led and just 2% drink-led.

Beer and Bites, the pairing of bite-sized foods with Stella Artois, is therefore seen as a great opportunity for pubs and bars to authentically capitalise on this and increase consumer footfall, dwell time, and, ultimately, spend. To further drive awareness of Beer and Bites participation in-venue and encourage purchase of Stella Artois amongst consumers, Beer and Bites merchandise will be provided.

High-quality and subtly branded kilner jars will be positioned top of bar, specially-crafted olive dishes created for the perfect serve, and ladles and toothpicks will be provided. An elegantly designed wooden top-of-bar solution, with interchangeable printed signs, will also detail the olive offering available.

Chris Johnston, Senior Brand Manager Stella Artois, said:"As consumers, we've all experienced a superior level of beer serve when visiting bars in other European cities.

"We want to lead the way in bringing this level of premium beer serve to the UK, by harnessing Stella Artois' Belgian heritage and encouraging consumers to stop and savour the moment - something we don't do enough in our increasingly busy and ever-connected lives.

"For our on-trade partners, Beer and Bites will help to deliver an authentic, premium experience to their customers, ensuring their bars stay busy over the coming months - helping to increase dwell time, drive rate of sale and boost perceptions."

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