Sky's the limit for new Innis & Gunn beer

1st November 2016

Independent craft brewer, Innis & Gunn, has gone to great new heights to create its latest beer, Sky.P.A. – made from water taken directly from the Scottish clouds. The innovative India Pale Ale marks the launch of Innis & Gunn’s first-ever equity crowdfunding campaign, heralding the innovations to come which will be enabled by the support of the investor community.

To harvest water from the clouds, Innis & Gunn created a bespoke airborne device fitted with a turbine and condenser that sucked moisture directly from the cloud and cooled it into water. A four-person team flew the device over the impressive Devil’s Beef Tub in Moffat, Scotland, and collected enough cloud water to brew 500 pints.

The innovatively produced and fresh tasting beer made from a number of uniquely sourced ingredients – shows the sky is the limit in the Innis & Gunn pursuit of innovative, high-quality beer flavours.

The brewer, known for its oak maturation processes, and creating innovations such as the world’s first beer marmalade, is launching its first equity crowdfunding round – AdventureCapital™ – to build a community of like-minded individuals, who are passionate about great beer and keen to shake up the industry.

AdventureCapital™ aims to raise £1 million, via Crowdcube with investments starting at £10. The money raised will fund the brewer’s continued experimentation with beers, increase capacity at its newly acquired brewery and support the roll-out of The Beer Kitchen, Innis & Gunn’s award winning bar and restaurant concept specialising in food and beer pairings.

The result is a modern I.P.A. has been made with water harvested from Scottish clouds. The composition of this water was influenced by its origins, in this case the Atlantic, and so was high in minerals that add real flavour through the brewing process, alongside the malts and hops selected.

Sky.P.A is available to the public via the brewer’s twitter page:

Dougal Gunn Sharp, founder and master brewer at Innis & Gunn, said: “Through Adventure Capital we’re inviting people to own a piece of Innis & Gunn. Experimentation is in our blood, and we’re incredibly excited to invite beer lovers and investors everywhere to join us on our quest to push the boundaries of beer.

“We’ve used Virtual Reality to show how context can influence the taste of beers, and sent beer with ingredients that help enhance cognitive function to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to help encourage them to speak the truth (someone had to). Now, we’re brewing a beer by harvesting water straight from the Scottish clouds.

“We’ve never made shares available before, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to offer them to than the people who want to help us discover where we can take the beer of tomorrow. Through AdventureCapital™, we’re hoping we can invent more brews like Sky.P.A. with a group of people as passionate as we are about beer.”

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