Old Mout Cider continues mission to save endangered kiwi

8th June 2018

Old Mout Cider has launched its biggest campaign to date as it continues its mission to save the endangered kiwi.

The campaign spearheads the brand’s larger sustainability agenda and aims to further build Old Mout’s awareness and relevancy with people across the UK.

Already, their fruity ciders had no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and all their packaging is recyclable, and now it is also investing all of its marketing budget into a campaign to save its national icon, the kiwi bird.

The purpose-led campaign will run across the summer and is aimed to make people in the UK to fall in love with the kiwi, New Zealand’s national icon, which sadly is on the brink of extinction. 

The kiwi population has declined by 99% over the past 50 years and could go extinct within our lifetime. The kiwi’s best chance of survival now lies in the hands of New Zealand based charity Kiwis for kiwi who are undertaking a remarkable feat – creating predator free islands for the kiwi to grow and thrive.

For the second year running, Old Mout has teamed up with TV favourite and conservationist, Michaela Strachan, to show the remarkable steps New Zealand is taking to save its national icon. The country is attempting to make islands off its coast predator-free, so that kiwi can roam safely, just as they did millions of years ago.

And the prehistoric links don’t stop there.  Old Mout is embarking on its first ever cinema campaign and a large scale campaign across video on demand and social media, with ads set in its unique brand world, highlighting that kiwi could soon go the way of the dinosaur if we don’t take action now.

The national media campaign will be supported with significant below the line activity that will encourage UK drinkers to do their bit for the environment here in the UK too.

This includes the successful Kiwi Camp activation at two of the UK’s largest festivals, Isle of Wight and Bestival. In yet another edition of the ‘the little camp with the big impact’, Old Mout will provide festival goers with an immersive experience anda jam-packed line-up of entertainment and fun activities through which all involved can enjoy an Old Mout whilst doing good.

Bespoke activations across on trade customers, will encourage people to sign up to the mission. Old Mout will berewarding drinkers with prizes and gifts including an opportunity to visit Kiwis for kiwi charity in New Zealand.

As part of the campaign, Old Mout cider is also asking the nation’s businesses to join their sustainability partnership ( and in return Old Mout will hero these companies and the work they’re doing to recycle.

Old Mout’s Emma Sherwood-Smith said: “No one wants to see a species go extinct so we hope that we can make people fall in love with the unique and charming kiwi.

"By focusing all our efforts on helping save the kiwi, our new campaign doesn’t only establish our brand’s purpose but hopefully its halo effect will be to get everyone who enjoys our cider in Britain to think a little more about the impact they have on their environment too. We would be delighted if our customers can help spread this message by signing-up to our sustainability partnership too.”

Last year’s campaign created a significant uplift in donations to Kiwis for kiwi from the UK and more than doubled their website and social media following. Furthermore it helped Old Mout cement its sustainability credentials and differentiate itself within the market.

Following the campaign, TNS research showed 82% of consumers agreed that buying Old Mout would have a positive effect on the environment*. In addition, during the campaign Old Mout sales increased by 66% in participating bars.

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