Maths expert perfects formula for best view of the match

21st June 2016

With the Euro 2016 in full swing and the new domestic football season just around the corner, PC World Business has worked with maths expert Hongshueng Dai to create a mathematical formula to help find the perfect spots in your bar to watch the beautiful game.

Firstly, the figures show that viewers should sit 1.6 times the screen size away from the TV.  So, if you have a 44" screen, the best seats in the house will be 70.4" away. The findings also highlight that viewers should sit straight in front of the middle point of the screen for the best viewing experience, rather than from the side.

And it's not just about the distance from the TV, even something as specific as the angle can make a difference - the optimum spot to view the game from is within a 30 degree angle from the centre of the TV.

For those publicans with an older TV, Hongsheung Dai advises a farther arrangement for the best experience; "For lower resolution TVs and bigger screens, viewers should consider altering the formula from 1.6x to 2.5x to ensure a perfect viewing experience".

For the majority of publicans who aren't experts in applied mathematics and statistics, Dr Dai has produced the following explainer to find the perfect spot:

AC=1.6 x TV (screen size)



A = the middle point of the TV

a = 30 degree angle which offers premium viewing experience

B = 30 degree limit

C = is the best spot for viewing 4k TV

Line BC = offers quality viewing provided viewers don't sit outside of 30 degrees from the centre of the TV screen

Simon Willies, Commercial Manager, PC World Business, suggests treating the Euros as a microcosm of the Premier League season could pay dividends: "Opportunities don't come around often where you can test out new seating arrangements for major sporting events, knowing the pub will be full to show you how well these plans work.

"Done well, there's the potential to create 'the best seats in the house' which either loyal patrons can reserve (building loyalty), or which anyone can race for and get to early, bringing you extra money through the till by having people arrive sooner, eat, then settle in for the games."

He also suggests there can be scope to use clever seating to quieten unruly regulars: "We all know of someone who is highly opinionated, and who is also often the loudest in the pub. By finding out where the best seats are, you can also quite likely establish where the worst seat is and turn it into a naughty step where you banish the noisiest patron.

"This might be the seat next to the toilet entrance, the one next to the fruit machine, or one which has the sun streaming through an adjacent window creating blur on the screen. This can become a joke amongst regulars and something which brings individuality to your bar during the Euros."

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