Marston's invests £1 million in brands update

2nd November 2016

Marston's brewery has launched a new campaign to update the image of its products. 

Marston’s is investing more than £1 million over the next 12 months on new look of the range, which includes the iconic Marston’s Pedigree and the newly created 61 Deep, including new packaging, pump clips and POS material. 

Lee Williams, marketing manager for Marston’s Brewery, said: “The harsh reality is that as a brewer, we’re not resonating with the next generation of drinkers who are attracted to the authenticity and simplicity of the new beer scene. For them it’s real and it resonates.

"Talk to anyone working at our brewery in Burton though and you realise that we’re no different and share the same passion and love for what we do. So you could say this is just about us presenting ourselves in a new and honest way.

“We need the next generation to consider our beers, perhaps for the first time and discover that they love the taste too – just as generations before have done and still do."

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