Heineken launches Maltsmiths brand

27th February 2017

HEINEKEN is aiming to grow the beer category with the launch of two brand new beers, aimed at the 13 million beer drinking consumers who have yet to expand their repertoire to more flavoursome beers.

Maltsmiths Brewing beers will be available from March, with a Bavarian-style Pilsner and American-style IPA as the first beers to be launched in this range.  The beers were developed by Alex Brandon-Davies and Sarah Bartels, the first two ‘Maltsmiths’ who relished the opportunity to experiment, trial and perfect these tasty new beers.

Maltsmiths Pilsner is described as "crisp and clean with pine and citrus notes, and an earthy hoppy character giving the beer depth with a satisfying finish", while the tasting notes for Maltsmiths IPA describe it as having "a caramel base with overlying hop notes of citrus, grapefruit, tropical fruits and a little pine for freshness." Both beers are 4.6% ABV and are available in 330ml can and bottle, and on draught.

Sarah and Alex created the recipes from scratch, crafting the beers using cutting-edge equipment at the award-winning Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh. 

Yorkshire-born brewer Alex says: “I was really excited when I was given the opportunity to work on this project.   We wanted to brew beers that would appeal to the beer-curious but for whatever reason, have yet to experiment.

“Using citrus-flavoured hops - namely Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hops – we’re hoping that drinkers will love the fuller flavours and it will be their first step into experimenting with beers from the hundreds of other breweries in the UK.”

Sarah, who is originally from Hamburg and studied at Herriot-Watt, says: “The best part of this project for me has been having the freedom to create our own beers from scratch. The recipe development process involved lots of re-working, tweaking and experimenting to get the beers just right. We really wanted to bring this to life on the packaging which is why you’ll see our recipe notes on the design. We’re really excited to launch our Pilsner and IPA as our first beers, and we hope the British public enjoys them as much as we enjoyed creating them.”

Sam Fielding, who heads up the new beer  team at HEINEKEN said: “We love beer – we’ve been innovating and brewing great beer for the last 130 years.  And right now, beer is on everyone’s lips.  People are talking, debating, experimenting and getting excited about new beers.  But the fact is, 75% of beer drinking consumers, have never tried what is commonly referred to as ‘craft beer’.

“We can have a positive impact on this sector of the market.  We have the capabilities to educate and support retailers with their offering.  This is about getting curious beer drinkers into the catergory and expanding their repotoire with more flavoursome beers – which will be a springboard for them to discover beers from the 1,500 breweries in the UK.  This is about supporting our customers and growing the category for the entire industry.”

The brewer is providing five key principles and will work closely with customers to maximise this flourishing sector and help grow their business:

1.      Maximising your beer sales starts with making craft beer available within your pub, bar or shop… Build it and consumers will come!

2.      To maximise your sales potential, you range should appeal to the ‘beer curious’ as well as the ‘beer connoisseurs’

3.      Your range should include the key beer styles for both locally brewed and imported craft beers

4.      Make your craft beers visible in order to maximise your sales

5.      Feature information and tasting notes to help demystify and drive interest and trial

Both beers have an RSP of £4.70 per pint in the on-trade.

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