Heineken launches Cidrerie Stassen brand into UK on-trade

11th August 2016

HEINEKEN is launching a new super-premium cider brand into the UK on-trade.

Following a successful trial in the off-trade, Cidrerie Stassen’s three variants are now available in select partners in the on-trade. HEINEKEN said it expects the super-premium cider brand to reach new audiences and new occasions, broadening the cider category. 

The company says that insight shows that consumers are changing the way they socialise, and investing in quality moments with good friends and high quality food and drink. These mature consumers (30-45-year-old adults) who yearn for the finer things in life, are behind this evolution of the special occasion trend, which is opening up more in-outlet occasions to operators.

HEINEKEN believes that Cidrerie Stassen will tap into these occasions, by offering a premium artisanal cider to trade up from traditional apple ciders. Cidrerie Stassen borrows cues from the world of sparkling wine – it complements food well, and the sparkling wine-style cork adds theatre to the serve.  Its unisex appeal, serve and complex taste is a significant step change in the cider market.

The branding includes premium cues on-pack, such as an intricate label design on a metallic, textured label, a sophisticated, eye-catching logo and embossed bottle.

Emma Sherwood-Smith, Cider Director at HEINEKEN, said: “Cidrerie Stassen is a very exciting launch for us and drinkers will be intrigued by the refined style and luxury variants of this new sparkling sharing cider. Our aim with all our NPD is to provide operators with drinks that grow their business and the category.

“By moving out of the traditional cider drinking occasions, we can expand the category and further add to its growth.

“We’re delighted that despite only being available in the UK off trade for a few months, all three variants have already been recognised by two awarding bodies: at the International Monde Selection competition and the International Taste and Quality Institute. It’s a great achievement for such a new brand and we look forward to seeing our customers shake-up their cider offering with our latest innovation.”

 HEINEKEN is launching three varieties of the Stassen brand, all available in a 750ml corked bottle:

·        Stassen Cidre Brut: Luxury sparkling cider made with the finest apples from the Aubel valley.

It’s a dry sparkling cider with a subtle blend of herbal and tropical fruit notes overlaying a smooth woody character. 750ml, 7.4% ABV.

·         Stassen Cidre Cuvée Rosé: Luxury sparkling cider made with hand-picked, rare red fleshed apples.

A medium sparkling cider with a blend of red apple and raspberry notes, finishing with a hint of tangy rhubarb.  750ml, 7.4% ABV.

·        Stassen Cidre Grand Cru Luxury sparkling cider made only with freshly pressed apples from the Aubel Valley.

A medium dry sparkling cider with hints of fragrant maraschino cherry and rose and a long fruity finish. 750ml, 8.2% ABV.

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