Caledonian launches Black Beer-inspired lager

4th October 2016

Caledonian Brewery extends its range of beers with modern take on a historic style: Dark Light

Dark Light, 4.7% ABV, is a brand new innovation from Caledonian Brewery that takes its inspiration from the first lagers ever brewed. With a dark malt character, but light crisp refreshment, Schwarzbier or ‘black beers’ were originally brewed in southern Germany with the colour coming from the dark malts. This inspiring classic brew formed the basis for Caledonian’s latest and boldest creation.

Available in the on-trade from 1st October, this latest addition will become the first black lager within Caledonian’s range, and is unlike any beer within their current product offering. In total contrast to its dark bold look, consumers will be pleasantly surprised by an initially fruity flavour; however this is quickly balanced by a creamy, more bodied experience, making it ideal for those drinkers seeking a beer which broadens their horizons.

Craig Steven, Caledonian’s Beer Manager and Beer Academy Sommelier explains: “Dark Light is our fresh and modern take on the historic Schwarzbiers of southern Germany. It really does have it all - some fruity tones initially, followed by clean bittersweet notes of dark malt, chocolate coffee and vanilla, within a medium bodied, creamy mouth-feel and a crisp dry finish. We’re certain this fresh yet historic style will be a hit with punters looking for something a bit different.”

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