BT Sport will defer using new government business rates

22nd February 2017

BT Sport has confirmed that it will not restructure its pricing in April 2017 in line with the government's introduction of new 2017 business rates.

This will no doubt come as welcome news for the majority of BT Sport customers, who will see their business rates increasing as a result of the new government changes.

Bruce Cuthbert, director commercial customers, said: “We have taken the decision to defer using the new business rates for the time being.

“Having discussed this with the ALMR, BBPA and BII, it is clear that with additional cost pressure from increases in the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage combined with growing price inflation, it seemed common sense to wait for the dust to settle before finalising any new pricing structure.

“It will have been seven years since the business rates were last updated and with a number of changes being introduced including new transitional arrangements and the overall appeals process, now is not the time to make any changes.”


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