Blackwoods launches 2017 vintage for popular gin and vodka range

27th November 2017

Blackwoods is launching a new 2017 vintage across its spirit range, featuring new formulations for its premium gins and vodka, developed in partnership with leading bartenders.

To mark the new vintage of Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin in both 40% and 60% ABV variants, along with Blackwoods Premium Grain Vodka, a distinctive new bottle and a new, premium look to the packaging are being introduced, recalling the vintage Roaring 1920s era of cocktails as well as spotlighting the Blackwoods brand's premium character.

The launch marks the first new Blackwoods vintage for five years. The reformulation of the range celebrates the latest harvest of hand-picked Shetland botanicals, using the finest quality ingredients available, as well as updating the recipes to reflect bartenders' choice of the latest trends in flavour and mixability.

The range, distributed in the UK on-trade and off-trade by Hi-Spirits, will be available from January 2018, and includes: Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin 40% ABV Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin 60% ABV Blackwoods Premium Grain Vodka 40% ABV The new bottle design is inspired by vintage soda syphons, recalling the energy and effervescence of the golden age of gin and classic cocktail culture.

The faceted detailing evokes premium glassware, while a copper cap with crafted detail reflects Blackwoods' small batch production in a traditional copper pot still.

The new labeling includes intricate graphics which reference vintage bars of the gin era, while also drawing attention to the hand-picked Shetland botanicals used across the range - wild thyme, meadowsweet, cowslip and eyebright - in a subtle, premium way.

Dan Bolton, managing director of Hi-Spirits, said: "The new Blackwoods design celebrates the 2017 vintage and aligns with the new formulation for the popular and successful spirits in the range. The involvement of bartenders in finalising the recipes ensures that Blackwood is up-to-date in terms of consumer appeal, while evoking the classic age of cocktails in the Roaring 1920s!"

The Blackwoods range is widely available in the on-trade, and through retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons.

For more information, please contact Hi-Spirits on 01932 252 100, email: or visit

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