American-inspired Signal Lager launches

4th August 2016

Signal Lager (, is a new London-based start-up brewery with an emphasis on quality, provenance, ingredients and process that is revolutionising the way people consume craft lager in the UK.

It produces the only unfiltered, unpasteurised, chemical-free craft lager in a can in London and has set out to reinvent the traditionally bland and over-processed category with its dynamic and premium product.

Proud to use the finest ingredients in the world to create an unadulterated artisan recipe, Signal Lager only contains four all-natural components: water, malt, hops and yeast.

Inspired by America's 'beer as food' movement, the brand is redefining the way in which lager is perceived in the UK, leading the premiumisation of the beverage and establishing it as a drink that can be enjoyed by epicureans.

A unique and refreshing lager that is brewed the hard way, without cutting corners. The 4.8% ABV craft lager takes two months to brew at the London-based brewery and is created in small batches. It is conditioned at near-freezing temperature for long periods of time until brilliant clarity is reached.

This is accomplished using a unique concept called 'Route Seven' that ensures Signal Lager is as fresh from the can as it is from the fermenter. Always served chilled, the lager never rises above its optimum serving temperature of 7ºC from conditioning tank to serving glass, resulting in maximum freshness and a smooth finish.

Signal Lager is always unfiltered and unpasteurised for a greater natural flavour. Pasteurising causes lager to lose taste, aroma, head, colour and freshness. Filtering lager is standard industry practice and a short-cut to clearing lager faster, at the expense of taste.

Unlike industrial lager, Signal Lager uses ten times the hops and only whole, unprocessed premium hops for added depth and flavour. It is naturally carbonated, and unlike industrially produced lagers has a mild sweetness without the use of sweetening adjuncts, such as rice and maize: additives which are generally prolific in the UK lager sector. Chemical-free and devoid of yeast aids and flavourings, Signal Lager has a clean and authentic flavour profile.

Only ever brewed in London at the Signal Brewery, with no secret imports or contract brewing. The 330ml cans are limited to a 12 week shelf life due to the brand's commitment to getting the lager as fresh tasting in the glass as it is at the brewery. Signal Lager's slick, silver packaging conveys the clean, unadulterated product messaging with minimal branding in a stylish, 100% recyclable can.

A quality brew for discerning drinkers, Signal Lager's fresh flavours make it perfect for food pairings, even at fine dining restaurants. The clean lager makes the ideal accompaniment, adding palate-refreshing qualities and a refined flavour profile that won't overpower the meal. And for casual drinking, Signal Lager offers a clean craft alternative to the mass-produced lagers currently dominating the market.


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