Albatross club toasts another successful beer festival

14th April 2014

The Albatross Club in Bexhill-in-Sea, East Sussex has hailed its latest beer festival as its 'best so far'. 

The Royal Air Force Association Club has built up a national reputation for its real ale offering under bar manager Geoff Wentworth, gaining recognition from the Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA), and its two annual beer festivals attracts beer aficionados from far and wide.

The latest took place over the weekend of April 11, 12 and 13 and was again a roaring success with many unusual beers sampled by attendees.

“It was an absolutely fantastic beer festival – it was really well attended,” said Wentworth. “We sold all the beer and all the cider - that was nearly 2,000 pints. We have really good members and fantastic volunteers who are really enthusiastic and hard working.”

He added: “What the festival does for the club - apart from bring in income - is it promotes the club. There are a lot of clubs in Bexhill but this makes us stand out. It encourages membership because anyone can join. When we have a beer festival we get a temporary events notice which enables anyone to come in and see what we are like.

“We don’t charge admission and our prices are really competitive and we do have some fantastic beer in. We got a lot of favourable comments, and we also got a lot of people in who hadn’t tried real ales before.

“We get in some very unusual beers from all over the country - what we try for is a really good combination of different variations of beers and different flavours. The festival encourages people to try them out.”

The Albatross Club is the South East Sussex CAMRA Club of the Year, Sussex CAMRA Club of the Year and Sussex and Surrey CAMRA Regional Club of the Year.  

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